Revolutionizing Media Streaming with AI is at the forefront of developing innovative AI-driven recommendation systems for the media streaming industry
The TrueClick solution is a further development of, a groundbreaking project that predicts the success of mainstream movie titles in the US market with an accuracy exceeding 80% - a notable 20% improvement on the current state-of-the-art.
Our collaboration with a leading streaming platform, a premier video streaming platform, led to a significant 10% increase in the number of watched titles.
Deploying TrueClick in media streaming platforms has the potential to dramatically increase engagement, conversion and revenue, as well as optimizing content investment decisions.
Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke solutions that drive measurable results
At the heart of is a diverse team of highly skilled professionals, each contributing unique expertise and perspective.
Our members hail from various corners of the globe, bringing together a rich mix of cultures and insights, all sharing an extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
With your platform can:
Increase viewer engagement and watch time
Enhance content investments with predictive success metrics
Harness the power of to optimize content selection and investment
Our solution
Transition towards
a more data-driven approach in business decision making
04 has revolutionized the way we understand and engage with our viewers. Their recommendation system has driven substantial growth in our platform's viewer engagement.
– Head of Customers Success at known streaming platform (NDA)
Let's create an engaging and data-driven experience for your users together
Unlock the potential of AI-driven recommendation systems and predictive analytics for your media streaming platform
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